Paul Waclo has many years of experience with design and production in various forms and after 25 years in corporate sales and design, he launched into a completely new adventure in 2012.  Picking up a chainsaw for the very first time brought a whole new perspective to his artistic world.  The ability to translate ideas in 3 dimensions seemed to come naturally and custom commissions started stacking up.  After only 2 years practicing with the power and control of a chainsaw, he walked away from the corporate world and started an entirely new chapter of marketing himself instead of his corporate clients.  The steady stream of commissions continued to push his artistic and creative abilities to carve larger and more elaborate sculptures that have now taken him around the United States and Europe.
Paul’s creations have also been showcased in magazines, newspapers ,TV interviews and most recently the Showtime series "Billions". The wonderful opportunities and diversity this lifestyle of sculpture has provided is something he never expected. “Who would’ve thought carving wood could create so many smiles and happy customers – and we certainly live in a world that needs more reasons to smile.  This is my small contribution.”


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