Your new sculpture will require some TLC to ensure may years of enjoyment.  Just like us, as we age, we may develop a wrinkle or a blemish.  The same is true with your new carving.  Cracks may appear and not bother you but, if they require some attention, here are a few tips.

--- First tip is to keep it away from heat or the hot sun if possible.  A partially shaded display area is much better than sitting out in the hot sun 


--- Second tip is to apply additional coats of sealer if you see the wood is beginning to weather.  The sealer will cover and continue to protect the wood from the rain, snow and sun.  Available at your local True Value or Ace Hardware


--- Repairing a small crack is as easy as applying a wood filler


--- Repairing a painted area can be done with any latex  spray or brush application over the wood filler


--- Wider cracks require a more extensive repair and the video below details that process.  I can take care of that for you in my maintenance program 


--- If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to give me a call.  Every piece of wood is different,  some go  years without any issues and some require more attention - just like kids :-) 


Thank You and enjoy your new sculpture!


Here's a video from my buddy Kris Connors on how we fix cracks that are really deep